Sarasota Herald-Tribune: Child’s cancer risks rise ‘before pregnancy’: Biggest study on preventing the disease finds parents’ habits and upbringing play major role. “The chances of getting cancer begin even before conception, according to one of the world’s leading experts in nutrition. Women’s lifestyles before getting pregnant and while carrying their baby have a major impact on whether their child will develop the disease, Professor Ricardo Uauy said. Uauy, an adviser to the United Nations and the World Health Organisation, has put together the most comprehensive picture yet of cancer prevention throughout the course of a life, including how what happens to babies helps to define their risk later. Whether a mother-to-be smokes, drinks or is overweight all play a key role, said Uauy, a professor of public health nutrition at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Cancer risk is usually associated with people’s genes and their behaviour as adults. But emerging scientific evidence pinpoints the influence both of parents and the family’s circumstances, he said.” Read more here.

New York Times: Senate bill on food safety is stalled. “After his mother died from eating contaminated peanut butter, Jeff Almer went to Washington to push for legislation that might save others from similar fates. And then he went again. And again. And again. . . .”  Read more here.

Sarasota Herald-Tribune: For chemical disaster, just add storm surge. “More than 20 million tons of some of the most toxic chemicals on the planet are housed in risky storm surge zones on one of the nation’s most hurricane-prone coasts, a looming hazard that could produce an environmental disaster on par with the Gulf oil spill. . . .” Read more here.