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Indianapolis- WTHR: Dumped in Indiana.

Agricultural waste has caused environmental devastation to Ohio’s largest inland lake [see video above]. To help prevent further damage, Ohio is shipping hundreds of millions of pounds of poultry manure to Indiana. Some Hoosiers say the massive piles of manure piling up near their homes are toxic – and state officials say there’s nothing they can do about it. 

Wendy Read is surrounded by farm fields in rural Randolph County, so she’s used to the smell of manure.

But the young mother says she and her family can only take so much.

“We’ve decided we have to leave because everybody’s getting sick,” she said, staring at the farm house that’s been in her husband’s family for generations. “What else can we do?”

Read and her family are moving out of state to escape an onslaught of manure that has made breathing in some parts of eastern Indiana unbearable.

In recent years, a commercial hog farm housing more than 11,000 swine moved in across the street. The pungent odor from a massive lagoon of hog manure constantly wafts over Read’s property line, easily penetrating closed doors and shut windows.

“I love Indiana and I don’t want to leave, but we just didn’t feel we have any other choice for the health of our kids and our family,” Read said with tears in her eyes, pointing to her daughter’s favorite pear tree in the front yard. “It’s making my daughter sick and my husband got sick, and all summer we couldn’t even go outside to use our property.”

The final straw: nearby farmers trucking in tons of poultry manure to fertilize their fields.

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