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Christopher Gavigan, author and CEO of Healthy Child Healthy World talks about experiences he made with children with learning or other behavioral disabilities and realized that what we bring in our homes is affecting our children. Even today the science has shown us, that there has been a clear direct link between chemicals and handmade toxins and the rise in illnesses and diseases. By taking those chemicals out of homes, immediately positive change could be seen in those children. Healthy Child Healthy World exist to give you information on how you can create healthier environments for children. Actions we take today will affect our future generations.

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In April 1991 Nancy and Jim Chuda establish the Colette Chuda Environmental Fund (CCEF) after their daughter, Colette, dies of a non-genetic cancer. CCEF begins funding new research to identify the causes of childhood cancers.

In June 1992 Childrens Health Environmental Coalition (now Healthy Child Healthy World) is created. Healthy Child’s mission is to inform parents about the preventable childhood health and developmental problems cause by exposures to toxic substances and to educate them on risk reduction in their homes, schools, and community.

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