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From Greenpeace:

E-waste is routinely exported by developed countries to developing ones, often in violation of the international law. This practice is legal because the US has not ratified the Basel Convention.

Boulder Daily Camera: Coloradans’ ‘recycled’ computers can end up in the third-world, local landfills.

As the holiday season approaches, a host of tempting new electronic gadgets awaits. But what actually happens to Colorado’s old electronics? The answer may surprise you. It surprised government regulators. An investigation by the I-News Network uncovered illegal exporting, backyard recycling and more. This is the first in a four-part series reporting their findings. More  . . .

Columbia State:
Drinking water poisoned near sewage disposal site.

Folks in Pelion complained bitterly 21 years ago about human waste and grease that would be dumped on fields in their community. But state regulators approved plans for a sewage disposal site anyway — publicly assuring residents the waste wouldn’t stink up the countryside or hurt the environment. Now, the same agency that approved the sewage dump site is scrambling to stop dangerously high levels of toxic pollutants from spreading in groundwater. More . . .

Associated Press: New USGS study finds mercury widespread in Indiana.

One in eight fish taken from Indiana waterways and analyzed over a five-year period was tainted with the toxic metal mercury, according to federal scientists who last year reported that precipitation that falls near southeastern Indiana’s coal-fired power plants harbors some of the nation’s highest concentrations of atmospheric mercury. The study led by U.S. Geological Survey hydrologist Martin Risch also showed that mercury contamination in both surface waters and fish across Indiana routinely exceeds levels recommended to protect humans and animals. Risch said the front cover of the mercury report includes photographs of an eagle and a boy holding a big fish. More . . .