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Peggy Shepard

Peggy Shepard is executive director and co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Founded in 1988, WE ACT was New York’s first environmental justice organization created to improve environmental health and quality of life in communities of color.

In this portion of my interview, she discusses her early career and responds to the prompts listed below.

(Duration 8:24)


  1. Was it difficult to mobilize public support for environmental reforms? 00:40
  2. How responsive was the city to the problems that you raised about the sewage treatment plant? 01:30
  3. Were you pushing to have the sewage treatment center closed? 03:05
  4. Please describe the lawsuit that helped to solve that problem and helped to invigorate WE ACT. 03:50
  5. Can you say more about WE ACT’s history and its staff? 05:40
  6. Please describe the community in which WE ACT does most of its work. 06:20
  7. What is the mission of WE ACT? 07:00

Other Portions of Peggy Shepard Interview

Part 1 – Early Career 10:30
Part 2 – The Origins of WE ACT 8:24
Part 3 – The Work of WE ACT 11:02
Part 4 – Environmental Health & Justice 6:29
Part 5 – Collaborating with Scientists 7:51
Part 6 – Policy Reforms 10:15
Part 7 – Environmental Activism 14:22
Part 8 – Five Favorites 5:45
Full Interview 1:06:41

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In my interview of Dr. Frederica Perera (professor at the Mailman School of Public Health and Director of the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health), I asked about her about what solutions might exist for the environmental health problems that she has famously documented. This video contains her responses to the prompts listed below.

(Duration 9:17)


  1. What, if any, regulations do you think should be enacted to address some of these problems? 0:40
  2. Are you at all optimistic about the prospects for such regulatory reform? 2:20
  3. Can more be done to give the public better information about environmental health risks? 2:50
  4. Please describe your collaboration with community organizations and policymakers in New York. 4:50
  5. What are some of the challenges to getting the public more involved in efforts for change? 7:20

More of the Perera interview is here.

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