From the Lexington Minuteman:

When Dave Walko retired, he planned to move to Lexington and live a quiet life with his wife Sophia.

Seven years ago, he purchased a fourth-floor unit in the Muzzey High Condominium complex at 1475 Massachusetts Ave. after interviewing with the Lexington Housing Assistance Board (LexHAB). The former director of athletic development for Boston University, Walko was an athlete in his own right.

“I was playing international basketball (on the over-40 Team Watertown). I was in prime shape and I was doing fine,” said Walko, now 64.

Soon after moving in, Walko discovered there was a network of cell antennas “hidden in the cupola” — the dome rising from the roof about 40 feet from his bedroom. Three years later, he developed cancer, which he believes was related to exposure to the cell tower.

Walko beat his cancer in 2007 but said living so near to the cell tower has exacerbated an existing condition. Walko, who is hypersensitive to the frequencies emitted by cell phones and computers, said he cannot use a cell phone or sit at a computer without experiencing discomfort, with symptoms ranging from headaches to atrial fibrillations.

“It’s terrifying,” he said. “You shouldn’t have things mounted where people are living 40 feet away.”

Walko said had he known about the existence of the cell tower, he never would have moved in. “Why wouldn’t [LexHAB] disclose this?” he said.

Representatives from LexHAB could not be reached for comment.

Walko said he feels unsafe in his own home and nobody in the community is doing anything to help him.