From Burlington FreePress:

When six Vermonters agreed to be tested for the presence of industrial chemicals in their bodies, they weren’t sure what to expect. The results proved eye-opening for environmentalists – 40 chemicals tested for, on average, were found in each of the testees – but especially surprising for the participants themselves.

David Zuckerman, an organic farmer, was struck by his high showing for Bisphenol A (BPA), a synthetic endocrine disrupter used in the manufacture of plastic containers. It has been linked to reproductive and other health problems and in laboratory animals, among other health effects. Zuckerman’s BPA level registered at “six to eight times the national average,” he recalled recently.

“We thought hard about it,” he said, and decided the culprit probably was the plastic water bottles that he’d been drinking from as he worked in the fields over the years.

Katy Farber, a teacher and mother of two young children, was stunned by the relatively high level of Deca, a flame retardant used in furniture and electronics, in her blood. Deca, too, has been tied to reproductive disorders, cancer and other health problems in animal studies. Her Deca reading was the highest of the six participants’, “jaw-droppingly higher than the rest,” Farber said.

“My mind skipped to my old laptop that I spend hours on, sometimes eating at the same time. Dust. My old furniture …”