Peggy Shepard 

Peggy Shepard is executive director and co-founder of WE ACT for Environmental Justice. Founded in 1988, WE ACT was New York’s first environmental justice organization created to improve environmental health and quality of life in communities of color.

In this portion of my interview, she discusses the policy reforms that WE ACT has helped to advance and that she would like to see adopted in the future, as she responds to the prompts listed below.

(Duration 10:15)


Part 6 – Policy Reforms

  1. What sorts of policy reforms has WE ACT helped to promote locally? 00:40
  2. How do your local efforts connect to the environmental justice movement around the country? 02:00
  3. What activities does your organization specialize in when engaged at the national level? 03:40
  4. Would you say that the environmental justice movement has been successful? 04:30
  5. What are some other policies that you would like to see enacted? 06:10

Go to Part 7 – “Environmental Activism”.

Title Duration
Part 1 – Early Career 10:30
Part 2 – The Origins of WE ACT 8:24
Part 3 – The Work of WE ACT 11:02
Part 4 – Environmental Health & Justice 6:29
Part 5 – Collaborating with Scientists 7:51
Part 6 – Policy Reforms 10:15
Part 7 – Environmental Activism 14:22
Part 8 – Five Favorites 5:45
Full Interview 66:41

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