From Bergen County Record:

Fearful that pollution from a nearby DuPont factory is harming their health and property values, a growing number of Pompton Lakes residents want the company to guarantee the price of their homes — or buy them out.

“People feel trapped. They can’t sell without disclosing the contamination, they still have to pay high taxes. What would draw people to buy here?” said Regina Sisco, who lives in the contaminated area.

The cancer-causing solvents TCE and PCE that DuPont once used at its Pompton Lakes munitions facility have contaminated the groundwater underneath 450 homes. Those solvents are vaporizing up through the soil into some houses.

DuPont has been installing vapor mitigation systems on the homes, and the company will test a possible cleanup treatment for the groundwater in several months. A full cleanup won’t take place for years.

Some residents, alarmed by a state health study that found elevated cancer rates among neighborhood residents, want to get out — and they want DuPont to pay.

“A lot of people would be interested because we don’t see an end to this in our lifetimes,” said Sisco, a co-founder of Pompton Lakes Residents for Environmental Integrity. “I just don’t have it in me. I just want out.”

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