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Houston KHOU TV: Residents of Houston neighborhood concerned about cancers, radioactive water.

Concerned residents of the Chasewood subdivision in southwest Houston told city leaders about what they feel are a high number of cancer cases in their neighborhood, and they expressed concern that the health problems may have something to do with radioactive drinking water the city pumped to their neighborhood for years. At least two members of Houston City Council said they shared residents’ concerns.

Houston Mayor Annise Parker and the city’s public works director, Daniel Krueger, attempted to calm citizens’ concerns in a neighborhood meeting, which was called after a KHOU investigation revealed the Chasewood neighborhood tested above the federal legal limit for radiation in drinking water in its most recent test in 2009.

The city took the radioactive well offline in November after KHOU began asking questions. . . . KHOU discovered the Chasewood water well’s problems date back many years. In fact, internal city records obtained through a Texas Public Information Act request reveal the well has tested at or above the federal legal limit for alpha radiation in all three of its last tests, which were performed separately in 2004, 2007 and 2009. Parker stressed that any previous failure to take action by the city took place before she took office.

Some neighborhood residents feel someone should be held accountable for their increased exposures to radiation in drinking water.

“Someone at the public works department knew about it,” Chasewood resident Denise Adams said.

“We’re not here to embarrass you we just need some honest, reliable data,” another concerned Chasewood citizen told city leaders.

At one point during the meeting, one resident read the results of a community survey which stated 37 cancer cases had been reported in the subdivision. One street, which consists of just 21 homes, reportedly had at least 14 cancer diagnoses.

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