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“Dr. James Haney presents ‘Environmental Injustices World Wide,’ with Dr. D. Padgett, a Professor and Environmental Scientist at Tennessee State University, who talks about the relationship between Environmental justice in the United States and throughout the world.”

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Science News: California’s New Chemical Regulations Face Opposition From Manufacturers, Criticism From Environmentalists

Hidden elements in drinking-water lines can shed large amounts of lead, a toxic heavy metal. And it’s quite legal, even if it does skirt the intent of federal regulations. . . . Lead adds ductility to brass, making it easier to bend or machine into desired shapes. To limit the risk of lead poisoning, U.S. law prohibits new brass plumbing parts in drinking water lines from containing more than 8 percent lead by weight. Yet two shut-off valves containing only about 6.5 percent lead leached toxic amounts of the metal into drinking fountains at the University of North Carolina. More . . .

Huffington Post: California aims to remove toxic chemicals in products.

It’s almost unthinkable now that environmentalists and manufacturers once stood together as Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill making California the first state to regulate toxic chemicals in consumer products. Two years later, with regulations set to take effect in January, the longtime foes are increasingly at odds over how the state should implement regulations that would apply to everything from baby bottles to cars. Environmentalists complain the plan is too slow to be effective, while manufacturers say the state rushed to draft regulations so bureaucratic and broad they would even apply to the sale of a used boat. More . . .

Monterey County Herald: Study shows Central Coast waters among most toxic in state.

A statewide study released last week shows that stream waters sampled from the Central Coast are among the most toxic in the state. This study comes in the wake of a lawsuit filed last month by Monterey Coastkeeper against the Monterey County Water Resources Agency, claiming the agency is illegally discharging polluted waters. “We think that our water, being more toxic than Los Angeles water, is disgusting,” said Steve Shimek of Monterey Coastkeeper, a local environmental group that follows water issues. “We’re hopeful that this will lead to greater awareness in Monterey County — that all is not perfect in paradise, and that this will lead to greater regulation of agricultural discharges.” More . . .

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