In my recent interview of Drs. Carlos Sonnenschein and Ana Soto, I asked them about how they thought chemicals and the chemical industry should be regulated to better protect human health. Here is the first of two portions of that exchange.

Drs. Sonnenschein and Soto respond to the following prompts:

  1. How would you describe the U.S. system of chemical regulation? 00:40
  2. Please describe the “precautionary principle” used in some other countries. 02:10
  3. What is the biggest difference between our regulatory approach and one based on the precautionary principle? 05:50
  4. Why has the U.S. government not caught up with science and employed the precautionary principle? 06:50
  5. What role is the public playing in this issue? 08:10
  6. Are there are any public actors who are making a difference? 10:15
  7. We have made some progress, right? 11:00

The full, edited interview is now available on the Upstream Website.