In my recent interview of Drs. Carlos Sonnenschein and Ana Soto, I asked them about their research on endocrine disruptors. Below is the clip from that portion of the interview.

Drs. Sonnenschein and Soto respond to the following prompts:

  1. What are endocrine disruptors and what effects do they have? 00:40
  2. Are all endocrine disruptors estrogenic? 02:20
  3. How do you determine if a compound is an endocrine disruptor? 03:30
  4. How did scientists first discover the endocrine-disrupting effects of synthetic estrogens? 04:10
  5. Describe the research on endocrine disruptors since then? 05:30
  6. Can you say more about the DES experience and the lessons learned from it? 07:10
  7. What might experiments on rodents teach us about the risks of endocrine disruptors for humans? 010:30
  8. What other risks have scientists attributed to BPA? 12:30

The full, edited interview is now available on the Upstream Website.