From TimesRecord News:

Stephen Brock, the man who discovered he could ignite the water coming out of his kitchen faucet in July, has filed suit against Jack Grace Production Co. for possible contamination of the groundwater that serves the well at his home on the western edge of Bowie.

Stephen and Sharee Brock filed suit in 97th District Court to recover damages to real property, where they believe their water supply has been contaminated with hydrocarbons, chlorides, brine, metals and chemicals associated with injection and oil wells.

In July the ongoing water problems on Jack Grace Hill reached a dangerous new height. For about 30 years, complaints have been made to the Texas Railroad Commission and other state agencies about water quality along this short road. Residents say the water is salty and undrinkable in most cases as well as rusty and virtually untreatable for use.

Since the Brocks purchased their home in 2007, they say they have had to replace the plumbing and the hot water heater and buy the largest water softener available for home use.

However, they say they still have to go to another family member’s home to take a shower and they use bottled water to cook with.

While watching a TV documentary on how the groundwater in one town was contaminated by energy drilling, Brock saw similarities with his own water problems. When the person on TV used a lighter near his water faucet and it set aflame, he decided to try it in his own kitchen.

“I got a ball of flame in my sink; it scared me to death,” he said.

Brock began calling every agency connected with the issue, and officials with the Texas Railroad Commission arrived to take water samples for testing. Other agencies including the Environmental Protection Agency also took samples. During the investigation, TRC officials reportedly told Brock not to use the water.