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I recently interviewed Drs. Carlos Sonnenschein and Ana Soto.

This video contains the introduction to that interview, in which they responded to the following prompts:

  1. Describe your work before you began studying environmental toxins. 00:00:40
  2. What caused you to shift the focus of your research? 00:02:35
  3. Please say more about the unexpected results in your lab and how you responded.00:04:25
  4. Without the manufacturer’s assistance, how did you discover what the contaminant was? 00:06:25
  5. What is the contaminant, and how is it used? 00:07:55

Through their responses, Drs. Sonnenschein and Soto tell the fascinating story of how a laboratory accident caused them to stop their research and pursue a new project that would eventually reveal to them how plastic tubes were producing estrogenic activity and set them down a new research path.  They also describe how they came to realize that the “problem [of estrogenic activity] was probably much more serious” than they first suspected.

The full, edited interview is now available on the Upstream Website.