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U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Administrator Lisa P. Jackson recently spoke to John Rosenthall about her views of environmental justice and the Obama EPA.

The conference that Administrator Jackson and John Rosenthall refer to was the “2010 Conference on Environmental Justice, Air Quality, Goods Movement and Green Jobs.”  Here is an excerpt from her remarks at that conference:


We can talk about health care. But we also have to talk about how the poor – who get sick more often because they live in neighborhoods where the air and water are polluted – are the same people who go to the emergency room for treatment. That drives up health care costs for everyone. It hurts the local and the national economy.We can talk about the need for more jobs and small businesses in our urban centers and metropolitan regions. But that conversation must also include the understanding that environmental challenges in our neighborhoods hold back economic growth. Poison in the ground means poison in the economy. A weak environment means a weak consumer base. And unhealthy air means an unhealthy atmosphere for investments. And in many neighborhoods, visible environmental degradation compounds other problems.

From AP:

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