London Daily Mail: Gender bending chemicals in plastics ‘raises risk of prostate cancer – A gender-bending chemical found in babies’ bottles may raise their odds of prostate cancer in later life, scientists have warned.  In experiments, newborn rats fed bisphenol A, a building-block of many commonly-used plastics, were more likely to develop pre-cancerous cells as they aged.  With chemical levels similar to those commonly found in the human body, the researchers said their findings are directly relevant to babies’ health.  Read more here.

Glasgow Daily Record: Scotland’s toxic timebomb: Sick families demand truth about homes built on former wartime munitions plant – Families living on a “toxic timebomb” have revealed a catalogue of serious ailments they claim are caused by contaminated land. . . . Five different toxins were found in testing and it is thought various chemicals and even radioactive materials were used at the plant, which employed 1000 people. Read more here.

Associated Press: 8 touches of ‘Shrek’ glass hazard for kids Federal regulators concluded that a typical 6-year-old could be exposed to hazardous levels of the metal cadmium by touching one of McDonald’s ‘Shrek’-themed drinking glasses just eight times in a day, according to documents obtained under the federal Freedom of Information Act. . . . The investigatory file shows how the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission aggressively turned a tip that the glasses contained cadmium in their colored exterior designs into an assessment that the Puss in Boots glasses posed an unacceptable risk to younger kids.  Read more here.