Politics Daily: Diesel dangers: Mining companies get first look at government cancer study – “A long-delayed government epidemiological study of possible ties between diesel exhaust and lung cancer in miners may finally be published this fall — but only after a mining industry group, represented by the Washington lobbying powerhouse Patton Boggs, finishes a pre-publication review of the study’s drafts.
Eighteen years in the making and eagerly awaited by public health officials, the cancer study evaluates more than 12,000 current and former workers from eight mines that produce commodities other than coal. Its goal is to determine whether ultrafine diesel particulate matter — a component of exhaust from diesel-powered machinery — poses a serious hazard to miners in confined spaces.” Read more here.

Global Times: All the cars are causing lung cancer – “Lung cancer is now the No.1 killer of all the many cancers killing Beijingers, and most doctors believe air pollution is doing it. The national smoking rate has kept decreasing in the last 30 years but the incidence of lung cancer has risen four times, Zhong Nanshan, director of the Chinese Academy of Engineering told the Guang-zhou Daily.The rise in haze is directly proportional to the rise in lung cancer incidence, he said, and smog has overtaken nicotine as the chief cause of lung cancer.” Read more here.

Mobile-Press Register: After oil spill, depression and stress levels rise in coastal Alabama – “An emergency survey conducted door-to-door in coastal Alabama confirmed elevated levels of depression and stress following the oil spill and also detected possible effects, such as respiratory ailments, according to a preliminary report.” Read more here.